10 Easy Steps to Fucking Up the World:

An appendix to Foreign Diplomacy for Idiot Savants

  1. Our businesses and military fuck over people in other countries, which then drives desperate men in those places to take up arms against us.
  2. Since they are poor and disorganized, this culminates in some sort of relatively spontaneous and unorthodox attack, which we call terrorism. (That's what the big army calls the little army's tactics, right?)
  3. Our military responds by committing atrocities to "prevent" similar actions.
  4. Citizens of these very United States say Enough is enough! This is spinning out of control. and begin protesting.
  5. The military/government/media respond by labeling these protesters "cowards" and push for/enact/bless laws that make sure these dissidents know they could one day be counted among "the enemy."
  6. The pussies among us switch sides or go in hiding because they can't take the heat.
  7. The vocal majority left by this abandonment then attempts to drown out any dissent, calling the remaining few "traitors."
  8. The mainstream media responds in kind by ignoring these "fringe" voices that simply can't be "convinced."
  9. The rest of the population then takes this as a concensus, or full support for imperialism, er freedom granting.
  10. We go invade another country and the cycle begins anew.