"[C]ompletely disconnected from reality about the war."

This is how Nebraska-Republican Senator Chuck Hagel described the Bush administration's positioning as compared to the actual battle in Iraq. On Softball yesterday, war architect Karl Rove "respectfully disagree(d)" pointing to the president's use of a "video link" to stay in touch with military commanders. Like Pac-Man.

Just don't tell Yahoo! news.

If you're curious, here are the links:

For his part, Bush told a captive audience of troops today we must stay the course because, er, we must.

You judge how connected he is yourself:

Rove made it clear what would be required for his cohorts to be satisfied, evoking Ephesians, iiuc:

"Look, we do not underestimate the ferocity and the anger and the viciousness of the people that we face... But we recognize, this administration and the American people recognize we are in a war. And the only way that you have a successful outcome in a war is to aim for complete and total victory, which is exactly what we're doing."