Why must people who create art be called "artists?" It puts them in some near unobtainable category, above all others.

It's ridiculous. It tells people that might have the desire to write, sculpt, paint, sing that they are not qualified to do so because they aren't "artists." It's a sham.

Write if you wish. Paint if it makes you happy. Leave the judges at the County Fair.

Who knows? What you create might actually make someone smile, or frown. Anything would be an improvement on ennui.

Wouldn't the world be a better place if our primary entertainment was the talent of our family, friends and those who have truly captivated us? Engaged our hearts through this most fundamental form of communication?

I know it sounds hokey and downright unnsophisticated, but I would return to the communal storytellers and mural painters who captivated our ancestors with their personal treasures years ago.